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Aqui esta uma boa receita para os joelhos doridos após algum tempo no templo ou a meditar - água quente - simples e eficaz como nos conta este monje budista australiano. Como alguns portugueses homens vão em breve fazer um retiro de 3 anos, esta é uma dica util. Perguntaram-me porque achava que as mulheres portuguesas não faziam este retiro - - não sei ...but maybe -simplesmente não querem.

Do you get sore knees from meditating?
By Loden Jinpa on Sep 27, 2007 in Meditation
I think almost everyone has felt the pain of mediators knee! It can be a terrible pain and also a big hindrance to your meditation. Mediators knee, like tennis elbow is a recurring injury that for many manifests during retreats.
I was remaindered of this trick recently when during a group retreat a friend of mine spoke of having sore knees. He has been meditating for 20+ years and had been silently suffered through the pain, thinking that this was just normal, for all that time. Given that for many people engage in retreat only every 12 months or so, I can understand how it might take 20 years to finally ask for help.
When I first tried this trick I was very surprised just how effective it is! I was amazed that my pain was almost gone over night!
What it is! I hear you crying. A hot water bottle placed over the knees during breaks between sessions! It is that simple!
You don’t need to do it each break, maybe you can just place the hot water bottle on your knees at night. Perhaps you need a couple of hot water bottle sessions a day. You be the judge!
The pain is caused by the strain placed on the ligaments in your knees from hours of being stretched into an unfamiliar position. The heat from the hot water bottle helps them to relax. If you suffer from hip problems or back pain try the same method and see what happens.
Either way the your knees will love you for it.
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