domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2008

a lake and a namtar

"Most Tibetan spiritual biographies go beyond the mere "outer," or historical aspects of their subjects' lives; the literal meanings of described events are not necessarily the final meanings. "Inner" biographies relate a more important aspect of the practitioner's life: teachers, lineages, the teachings themselves transmitted through cycles of texts, and the actual practice. The "secret" biographies of past masters focus on their mystical experiences and realization, either in retreat or in the broader context of the postmediation session of everyday life. In this way, namthar succeeds in fulfilling historical, inspirational and instructional roles simultaneously. It is sometimes said that one can spontaneously see their true nature by reading one of these stories of liberation, or even by merely seeing the title. In this way, namthars of great masters have an empowering quality; close disciples therefore typically write them."

foto- -lake tso pema