quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2008

Tibetan symbol for peace and harmony - a paz tibetana

"This image, called the “Four Harmonious Friends,” is taken from a very
popular Tibetan folktale. An elephant, monkey, rabbit and bird congregate at a fruit tree in their valley. The valley has been quite turbulent lately; there has been a lot of fighting, the crops aren’t growing and the inhabitants aren’t respecting each other. These four animals gather for a meeting to decide what can be done. They conclude that a peaceful, harmonious society is one that respects its elders. So, they set about determining who among them is eldest. The bird claims it dropped the seed where the tree is now growing. The rabbit claims it hopped around the sapling. The monkey claims it climbed on the tree when it was still small. The elephant admits to being the youngest, as it has only
known the tree at its maturity. From that moment on, the valley is peaceful as these “four harmonious friends” lead their society into prosperous times. This image is seen on a lot of Tibetan door curtains, monasteries, woodcarvings and on the walls of houses. It is the Tibetan symbol for peace and harmony."----no livro -Non violence In Tibetan Culture By Zach Larson -