sábado, 28 de junho de 2008

IT'S just 4 little words

but the phrase "We need to talk" is the most dreaded in the English language......The research shows one thing above all else - prepare for the unexpected. "Many people can handle almost anything that comes their way and, after a moment of panic, will find a solution to get them through." THE 10 MOST LIKELY TO WORRY PEOPLE 1 We need to talk 2 The boss wants to see you now 3 I've had a bit of an accident 4 Can I borrow your credit card? 5 There's a leak (upstairs/in the bathroom etc) 6 Did you remember my birthday? 7 I've got something to tell you 8 You know that (tenner/car/lawnmower etc) that you lent me? 9 You haven't forgotten we're going out tonight? 10 Now I know it looks bad but... artigo

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