quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008

Who´s really the crazy one here?

Hoje é o aniversário do 17th Karmapa O.Trinle Dorge e o aniversário do mahasiddha Virupa. Caminhando penso nos sábios da Índia que sem renunciarem ao mundo, o viviam plenamente. Virupa é também um yogi louco que fez parar o sol na índia e ressuscitou pássaros nada disso para seu próprio bem. Penso no rei Kankanapa a quem um mestre disse: "olha o brilho das tuas pulseiras/ elas são a felicidade do teu espírito/ as mil causas exteriores causam as cores/ mas a pulseira não muda/ a variedade das aparências é a fonte de mil pensamentos/ mas o teu espírito é como as jóias que brilham". Meditando e concentrando-se na pulseira do seu pulso direito em seis meses ele conseguiu a realização espiritual. Às vezes temos no pulso aquilo que esquecemos e precisamos urgentemente de nos lembrar, para sermos simplesmente felizes. www.padmakara.com: Mahasiddhas, La vie de 84 Sages de l´Inde.

No NYT : If you're rich, you're eccentric; if you're poor, you're crazy……they were saying "yes" to something else. They were purposefully crazy: crazy for God, truth, reality, enlightenment, salvation. For them, craziness wasn't a curse; it was a choice, an achievement. You have to work hard to walk through the looking glass; to turn every fiber of your psyche inside out; to reject what you love and embrace what you hate so that it all becomes one in the end. That's what they did. ….These revolutionaries are the subject of a show called "Holy Madness: Portraits of Tantric Siddhas……..Naturally, they are the ones artists like best, and none was more popular than Mahasiddha Virupa. He has his own little show within this show, and most of the images in it refer to a single event. One day he plunked himself down in a tavern and ordered jug after jug of wine. When the nervous owner approached with a bill, the penniless Virupa drew a line on the floor and said he would pay when shadows cast by the sun reached that mark. With that, he ordered another jug, and reached up and stopped the sun in its tracks…..Soon the earth began to broil, and someone ran to fetch the local ruler, who hustled in and settled the tab. The sun began to move again; Virupa drained his cup and hit the road, leaving everyone thinking, "What an unusual guy." He certainly looks like one in several marvelous paintings and in a fine metal sculpture here. Most such images are not historical likenesses. (We don't know whether many of the mahasiddhas ever existed, never mind what they looked like.) They are personality portraits, generators of a charisma that sweeps through the Rubin galleries like klieg-light beams, revealing a formal and conceptual variety that may not be visible at first glance…….

Machig Labdron (1055-1153), a semidivine teacher — "Machig" means Great Mother — who, with her powder-pale face and angular stance, has the air of a Chinese opera star. Directly below is her alter ego, the tiny, snarling, hopping-mad "Wrathful Black Lady." [Foto] Her job is to short-circuit delusions, like the ones about permanence and the superiority of beauty that we project on the rubbish we called art. "Who's really the crazy one here?" she seems to ask. The answer is: we are. Though as every knowing smile and laser like stare in this show points out, we're nowhere near crazy enough.