quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008

Support Tibetan artisans community

From: dropenling@gmail.com

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Tibet Artisan Initiative and the Dropenling Handicraft Development Center,

We are pleased to announce the opening of our E-Commerce Website where you can directly purchase Dropenling's Traditional Tibetan Hand-made Crafts made by the over 500 artisans we work with here in Tibet at: www.tibetcraft.com

You can also learn more about our non-profit project at: www.tibetcraft.org

The Tibet Artisan Initiative is a Social Enterprise – all profits are reinvested into the sustainability of Dropenling to cover its costs and then into the Tibetan Artisan Community through technical and business trainings, loans to artisans, and other initiatives such as the establishment of the Tibetan Artisans Association.

Thank You For Your Support !!!!

The Tibet Artisan Initiative & The Dropenling Handicraft Development Center

P.S. We will be holding several Trunk Shows at Handicraft Boutiques across the United States September – December, please see: http://www.asianart.com/articles/dropenling/index.html