sábado, 15 de novembro de 2008

Tibetan Language_teacher

Dear Conceicao,

I email you with a question of you could help us finding a teacher (or 2
teachers) for our 2nd and 3rd year Tibetan Language course starting in March
Maybe it can be done by one teacher as the classes for both years are 6 times a
week for 2 hours. Thosamling Institute is a new Institute situated in Sidhpur
near Dharamsala, India. It is an International Institute for Buddhist Women,
and is mainly a nunnery for Buddhist nuns to reside and to study. Our programs
are also open for laypeople. See our website www.thosamling.net

The teachers need good knowledge of Tibetan general and grammar, but specially
Dharma teachings/vocabulary. Good knowledge of English and English Dharma
vocabulary. Students are guided through a series of recorded teachings from our
Geshe Tsewang Nyima (2nd year) and His Holiness the Dalai Lama,(3rd year) the
course teacher providing relevant vocabulary as well as valuable advice that is
not readily available in any textbook. For second as well as for the third
year, Classes are held 3 times per week, each class running for 2 hours.

We really need good teachers and I thought maybe you know people arround who are
already translating etc. who like to have a job like this.

For one class the salary can be 6000 rs a month with free accomodation and food.
It is not much but we are situated in India. If they takes 2 classes it will be

I hope you can help us with finding a suitable teacher. please email us to

Thank you for your help,
With kind regards,

Ani Tenzin Sangmo
Director Thosamling

update:Dear Chamtrul Rimpochee: Thank you so much for helping us. I am sure something will work out, the 2 teachers/translators can start in March.... so we still have some time. The new first year teacher we found already. So things are working out...Thank you for helping us. With kind regards, Ani Tenzin Sangmo