sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2008


Khyentse Rinpoche on Transcending Madness by kChogyam Trungpa --Friday night weblog

by Bakes Mitchell

All the time from the point you step onto the path, through countless aeons of bodhisattva practice, until you attain enlightenment – once you attain enlightenment, it’s going to seem like the length of time a spark glows when it shoots out of a fire.

(Are you following this?) We’re skipping around a bit, surveying all of existence and non-existence, and I still don’t have a Kleenex.

At this point, Rinpoche says he could take some questions, or perhaps we need a bathroom break, or should we stop there for tonight? A girl in front of me quietly gets up and discretely moves toward the aisle. But the crowd does not want the talk to stop. Someone grabs the poor girl and shouts out that she has a question – confusion, whispering, pulling away, and she makes an embarrassed dash out the door. Whoops – no question, she just needed a bathroom break. So it’s on to questions. I decide to make a dash for the bathroom myself. I need that Kleenex fast!