domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009


I was so excited to have the help of yoga to my meditation that I forgot to use what I had learned from Buddhism to help me with my yoga. I would never let my excitement over emptiness throw me off balance the way I had let my handstand get out of control. In my enthusiasm for the posture, I had lost-or misplaced-the humility that protected me as I felt my way into yoga in the first place.

The lesson was a familiar one-a lesson that links yoga and meditation at their hearts. The successful practice of yoga, like meditation, requires nothing more, or less, than a beginner's mind.

Mark Epstein, M.D., is author of Thoughts Without a Thinker, Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart and Going on Being: Life at the Crossroads of Buddhism and Psychotherapy, now in a new edition.

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