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Antidotes to Recession- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

NEW Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Antidotes to Recession

"Of course the world economy is going down … but even if the world economy is going up, there are many people in the world going down. That happens – that is the explanation of karma, the description of karma. And even when the world economy is going down, there are individual people going up, due to their karma … If you have lots of merit, you don't suffer – that's what I am saying. I know nothing about economies, but how you spend money, you have to decide what is meaningful. What is meaningful, you spend; what is meaningless, you cut down. In this way, other sentient beings get a lot of benefit, you get a lot of benefit. [By making offerings to the Triple Gem], you collect unbelievable benefit, happiness in this life and future lives, up to liberation and enlightenment.
When the economy goes down, that means we should practice more good heart in our daily lives towards sentient beings, develop more compassion, practice more patience. We don't know who's a buddha or bodhisattva, but if you get angry with a buddha or bodhisattva, then one thousand of eons of merit that you have created in the past gets destroyed in one second. And even if you dedicated for the enlightenment of all sentient beings, if you don't seal it with emptiness, the merit can be weakened even when it is not destroyed.
We need to collect a lot of merit in our day to day life, to practice kindness everyday towards sentient beings, all the time as much as possible, from the heart – so this is Dharma. Each act of kindness becomes the cause for success not just in this life but hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. From one act of kindness all your wishes for happiness get fulfilled. Why? Because you fulfill the wishes of human beings, animals, other sentient beings. That is very, very important. Then you don't experience economic recession.
Everyday, practice with joyfulness. Whatever good thing you see or hear of others, whatever good thing happens, always rejoice: 'How wonderful!' – like a mother rejoicing [in the praise] for her child whom she cherishes more than her life. If you do like this, then psychologically, your mind is kept in happiness all the time – no depression, unhappiness … And you collect the most extensive cause of success and happiness when you rejoice. In one second you collect limitless skies of merit – the easiest way to collect good luck, merit, and fulfill your wishes for happiness, and you too fulfill the wish of all sentient beings for happiness.
Then third, patience. You may collect a lot of merit, but without patience, all gets destroyed.
Then next is when someone harms you, you practice forgiveness, instead of harboring it in your heart. And so you bring peace from one to world peace. Then if you made some mistake, said some bad words, became angry, or whatever, immediately apologize. Then again there's no grudge holding in you or others and you bring world peace. 
Then another one, contentment – especially so that one does not get addicted to alcohol, drugs, that kind of thing, and live in non-virtue.
Another one is courage – develop courage in practicing Dharma: any good action that brings so much peace and happiness to you, the world and others.
These are what you can do as antidotes to recession. Do something other than worry. It makes you crazy, it doesn't help."    
From an address at ABC's 20th Anniversary Dinner, January 28, 2009, Singapore (transcribed and lightly edited by Doris Low) More advice from Rinpoche
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