quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009


___ num dos 1º primeiros encontros do Mind and Life o Dalai Lama já previa o avanço tecnologico e caso se usassem tecidos vivos p o seu fabrico, então seriam uma forma de vida_
___ interessante é tb o projecto cyborg que tem um episodio no Bud geeks.
In "Neural Correlates of Admiration and Compassion,", Antonio Damasio and Mary Helen Immordino-Yang argue that the human brain evolved to very quickly recognize and empathize with physical pain and fear in others, but is much slower to recognize and empathize with emotional pain, or to acknowledge and celebrate virtue or skill. What this means is that, in a media environment where our social encounters happen very quickly, we may not be giving our brains a chance to generate appropriate compassion or admiration. This is especially problematic with regards to compassion, as we may find ourselves building insufficient bonds of empathy, critical to communities undergoing stress (and we’re seeing a lot of stressed-out communities right now!).