domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

movie_ reencarnação

Como tanto se falou em Osel e da sua vida que aqui está um outro exmplo recente mas adaptado ao local do nascimento, nascer no oriente n é o mesmo q nascer no ocidente, cada caso é um caso e as generalizações são sp redutoras.

"“Unmistaken Child” documents the four-year search of Tenzin Zopa, a gentle, baby-faced 28-year-old Nepalese monk, for the reincarnation of his Tibetan master, Geshe Lama Konchog, who died in 2001...
The direction of the smoke from the pyre at Lama Konchog’s cremation and the sand patterns below it offer the first indications of where to search. A Taiwanese astrologer predicts that the child’s father’s name probably begins with an A, and that the most likely birthplace has a name beginning with the letters TS. Everywhere the monk goes, he inquires about the existence of special children who might be the appropriate age. But the film finally doesn’t convey the time and labor spent by the monk. And when the child who may be the reincarnation is located in the Tsum Valley of Nepal, he is obviously older than 1 ½ and can speak well enough to be understood.
Once found, he is tested by monks, who ask him to pick out Lama Konchog’s prayer beads, and his hand drum from a selection. To their relief, he chooses correctly. The Dalai Lama gives his approval, and in the film’s most emotional scene the boy’s head is shaved as he weeps and protests.
His parents must formally agree to give up their child, who is taken to Lama Konchog’s mountain retreat, which has fallen into a state of disrepair. Later he is dressed in red and golden robes and a headdress, and transported in royal style to the monastery, where he will be trained and where he bids farewell to his parents."