terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

ego virus

Richard Young
The separative ego-sense is like a disease-causing virus. You don't treat a virus by trying to make it into a better, stronger, more attractive virus. That's why all efforts at self-improvement and self-acceptance are misguided. Your body either neutralizes most of the virus and recovers….or it does not. In like manner, Ultimate Consciousness will either neutralize the ego-sense and illusion of personal doership or it will not. Either way, it isn't up to "you" because you are the virus.

So take to your sick bed and relax. Watch some old movies, read a book, and just wait and see what happens. It will unfold—it has always unfolded—exactly as it is destined to do. If you must "do" anything, just watch the process of how the mind works. You will either get over "you," or you won't. In fact, if you look at the percentages of awakened sages throughout history, the odds against recovery are quite high. But "who" cares?