terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

Uniting Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine

cada pessoa é diferente, assim as varias ferramentas médicas ajudam a escolher o bom tratamento.

Uniting Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine The Total Health Journey

Isaac Eliaz  "Using physical symptoms alone can result in the wrong remedy. Many people might suffer from the same illness and share similar symptoms, but each individual is different, therefore, homeopathic remedies are selected based on more personal reflections. Homeopathy is essentially an alternative medical practice that treats a disease by the administration of diluted or minute doses of a remedy that would, in healthy persons, produce symptoms similar to those of the disease. Chinese medicine is the general term to describe the numerous methods of healing used in Chinese culture for many thousands of years.
  • A separate similarity between Homeopathy and Chinese medicine is the observation and analyzing of the tongue and pulse. In Chinese medicine, tongue and pulse observations are used to help determine a person’s underlying patterns. This helps the practitioner to choose the best treatment. In Homeopathy, tongue observation is used to confirm a remedy, but is not as vital to choosing one as in Chinese medicine. Both practices also use dilution as an important part of formulating the right medicine. Dilution allows for toxic substances to be taken without significant side effects.The most beneficial and important similarity between both medical practices is the focus on the patient as a whole. Each person may respond differently to a medicine."