terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011

From The Depth Of My Heart | News in 2011

"Whenever I watch National Geographic or Discovery channels, especially whenever they show the food chain of one kind of animals killing other animals, I really feel that we are so fortunate to have this human body. Lions, tigers, crocodiles, pyranas and all the predatory species do not have our privilege as human beings to understand the universal law of karma, so they are always dragged by their killing habits or their foolish habits. Some animals like zebras and elephants have to migrate from north to the south, and everytime they have to cross a river full of crocodiles, many lose their lives while crossing the river. But next year, they do the same thing again because of habitual imprints, I would say. The sad stories happen over and over again, the chain cannot be broken, because the poor animals do not have a solution to stop this cyclic existence.

We as human beings have the intelligence and cognitive function to understand universal law of karma, to stop this cyclic existence and become enlightened, especially those of us who have the great opportunities to meet so many wonderful and honest spiritual masters, who sacrifice their own comfort to come to our world to teach us. Some of us get very soft treatments, some of us get very hard treatments, but we all have this ONE opportunity in THIS VERY LIFE."

From The Depth Of My Heart | News in 2011

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