terça-feira, 12 de março de 2013

fechamento_Sick Love | The Naked Monk

Alan Watts, “When you confer spiritual authority on another person you are allowing them to pick your pocket and sell you your own watch.” ......Sick Love | The Naked Monk

O bloguer candianao, Stephen Schettini diz-se ex budista, deixou uma comunidade de budismo tibetano, e segue a sua vida tentando ajudar aqueles que também vivem a mesma situação e cito: " I’m deeply committed to helping anyone reconsidering their relationships to a Buddhist community or teacher." 

Não estando ligada a nenhuma comunidade budista sinto-me livre de entrar numa Igreja católica e de aplaudir o novo Papa com entusiasmo e continuar o meu caminho com alegria:

"That in fact, I’d been alone all along.There is life after a spiritual community. There is such a thing as natural community, not contrived to support your fondest wishes but to commiserate with on life’s hard byways. There is no preexisting group out there waiting for you. Real community forms organically, spontaneously. Prepare yourself for it by traveling light. People of like mind are not found in any particular monastery, school or social group. It’s rare to meet others with whom we truly commune. We know that. You know that. Locking yourself into a gated community, pretending you’re safe and sound, is a sure way to not bump into anyone intimately.
Get out there, vulnerable and honest. Admit you’re alone on your path through life and you’ll sooner or later meet fellow-travelers. You’ll share your insights as equals. Some of them may for a while become mentors or guides. Bear in mind though, that relationship will deteriorate the minute you abandon your discernment, the instant you stop taking your own risks.
Otherwise, how will you know when they’re speaking nonsense, as from time to time we all do? How will you realize that they’re manipulating you, as they might if they see you can’t hold your own? They might even be doing it because they love you.
How would you know what sort of love that is?"

Em Portugal uma das primeiras comunidades de budismo tibetano fechou as portas (O.K.C.) mas outros centros budistas existem assim como locais onde aprender meditação sem termos que nos comprometer com uma religião.
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