sexta-feira, 22 de março de 2013

li_Shambhala SunSpace » A Brief Moment in Deep Time

"The desert tortoise waits below the earth, deep down, patiently as he does, for the changing tide, the warming soil, the golden rays increasing intensity to beckon him out.  

Come out old friend, I imagine the sun saying to the tortoise, Come take your rightful place among us.

 And when this happens months from now in spring, this time the tortoise will listen, trusting the old sun, thanking him for his warm embrace as he slowly emerges from his winter burrow. And then, just as the heat of the desert floor shimmers in the distance, when the raven whirls above in dark angles, the rocks will begin to move.

Slowly. Just as they have for centuries. Just as they have for eons of deep time past.....

I want to honor the disappearing desert tortoise and just slow down. Make space. Rest. This is my hope for the entire world actually"

Shambhala SunSpace » A Brief Moment in Deep Time

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