sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

new books: Daniel Goleman and M. Ricard

I loved the notion of a leader’s aperture.  Why is cultivating a strong scanning ability so important for leaders and what is its role in innovation?
Aperture is using your attention like the aperture on a camera, zooming in or zooming out.  It means you are flexible about what you see and you are not stuck out there or in here.  You can switch as needed. Zooming in is seen, for example,  when you make a presentation and you are picking up how the people are reacting so that you can fine tune what you say or how you say it or when you say it.  Zooming out is absolutely crucial as well.  This is taking a wide scan and learning to pick up on the environment, on what is going on in the outer world to make sure your team, your unit or your company is responding to the changing eco-system in which the organization exists.

In the creative process there is this paradox in that our best ideas come to us from the bottom up brain. This is a part of the brain that works automatically, that is a voracious information processor but is out of our awareness.  That’s why our creative insights come to us in off times because when we are really focused and effortfully concentrating on a goal or on a task or on a problem our focus suppresses this part of the brain. We don’t get the messages.
But in our downtimes, our off moments such as when we are taking a shower or going out for a walk or when we’re meditating, whatever it may be then we hear the small voice that says “Hey, put these two things together, these two elements and you’ll have a novel combination”.  That is a creative insight and we are only going to let it reach our awareness if we get into another mode of focus.  That is when the creative innovations , the Exploration starts to bear fruit. Daniel Goleman on Focus  

e novo livro de M. Ricard explicado pelo próprio: