terça-feira, 22 de outubro de 2013

destino ou karma

Vara um filme sobre o karma: 
1.  "The laws that bring people together and pull them apart are like a karmic wind that we have very little control over. When Rinpoche was asked to give relationship advice to a youth group in 2010, he laid it out plainly for them: “With relationships you don’t have much choice, when it comes, it comes,” he said.—when your karmic wind blows, relationship will come out of nowhere.” 

"Stojan—the first assistant director—had no clue who Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche was. A Serb native living in India, he’d been on the brink of quitting the film business. After a successful career working on films like The Bourne Identity and The Darjeeling Limited, he was sick of the screaming and yelling most people expected from a person in his position. But then came the call from Rinpoche’s team. He searched the Internet, and after reading the tag line for The Cup (“Buddhism is their philosophy, football is their religion”) he decided to at least have a Skype meeting with Rinpoche. “I had a feeling immediately from the first sentences that this guy doesn’t have an ego.” He took the job. 

“Filmmaking is difficult, but you never feel like you are working when you are around him. We went already through some difficult phases and I’ve never seen him worried or unrelaxed. I don’t know how he’s doing it. Working with him is a process; it’s worth looking at how it affects people.” Stojan is already planning to visit Deer Park Institute, Rinpoche’s center in Himachal Pradesh, India, after wrapping. But not until then. “It’s been an amazing experience, but I’d rather finish it and then read his books and learn about his other life, because I just wanted to take this experience as unbiased as possible.” . On set with director Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche Noa Jones


A Long Life Prayer for Nobody

With compassionate prescience, you took rebirth in the West
On the very day destruction violated the Tibetan border:
You, the fearless shepherd of frightened beings in flight.

As a child in a land with little Dharma 
The Buddhas themselves were your teachers
Bestowing the confidence of timeless knowledge.

You greeted the weary when they arrived
Giving to each the symbolic seed of their future activity:
Always, you were the guardian and protector. 

Of fortunate birth and noble lineage
You kept secret the name that might have brought you comfort
And concealed yourself within the dance of wisdom.

You upheld the traditions in the most troubled hours 
A well-placed guide for Padmasambhava's sons:
You, the heart emanation of kings and heroes.

Those who give refuge to all beings
Themselves found refuge in you,
Disguised as a whispering mirror at our side. 

With perfect devotion we pray for your long life
Moreover, we beg you to look quickly upon us with mercy
From the azure blue sky of intelligence and emptiness.
by Tulku Urgyen2006