segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2014

poema de uma monja thay

"Today’s rain was yesterday’s tears.
How many comings, goings, joys, and pains?
Tears of life after life fill the four oceans.
Today’s tears are tomorrow’s rain.
Penetrating the mountains and rivers
to nourish all life on earth.
Parting with loved ones in the rain,
your tears and mine are not separate.
Sending an only daughter on the Noble Path.
What vast, open hearts!
To have encountered you in this life,
I live each moment in gratitude.
Your teachings of kindness since young
watered the seeds of love in me.
Now it is time to return
the sapling to the forest.
Along with brothers and sisters,
we will grow, flower, and offer fruits.
The sun shines through the rain,
amidst tears, I smile.
Immersed among my sisters,
we joyfully cook for the Sangha.
Today is the first day of Summer Opening.
Friends from the four oceans have arrived.
Thanks to the virtues of my loved ones,
I am now a student of the Awakened One.
May you often think of your beloved daughter,
may we awaken our buddha nature.
Across time and space we walk together,
to offer what is true, good, and beautiful.
The Hair Comes Off - ordination head shaving
Thay “blessed” the water that represents the nectar of compassion, and sprinkled it on our head with a rose. I felt the coolness, and thought, “luckily we are ordaining in Summer. I say goodbye now as Emyo (and soon goodbye to personal email account, phone, laptop).
And I say hello as Sister Linh Di, and enter a life of listening to birds, hanging underwear in discreet ways, chanting “Namo” with tears, enjoying 15 buttons several times a day, cooking hummus for 300, breathing with sobbing friends in Dharma Sharing, bowing to little children who stop running to bow to the nuns, being reminded by the robe to put my heart into each step I take…
With love and gratitude,
Sister Linh Di
Sister Linh Di on her ordination day with Thay
What’s the point of walking meditation? Why do I practice sitting meditation? Because I like it. There’s no point doing these practices if you don’t enjoy them. It’s not hard labour. Every breath can bring us peace, joy and freedom. — Thich Nhat Hanh